Jewish lessons and activities for Hanukkah

This article was written about Passover (pesach) activities. But each applies to Chanukah and other Jewish holidays as well. Websites listed offer activities for all the Hebrew holy days. Jewish Passover lessons and activities for families

Occupy Wall Street Apes Guy Fawkes or Mardi Gras Lord of Misrule

I've got a weird mash-up of history details floating in my head. My husband shares this savant-ish trait. And we passed it on to our kids. No wonder we all get a kick out of "Drunk History." When my daughter's AP History teacher made it homework to figure out "Remember, Remember the 5th of November" she was the only one to know already it was Guy Fawkes Day. Which might not sound like much, but in my insular, ethnocentric US town, it nothing short of genius.   Guy Fawkes, Occupy Wall Street or Mardi Gras Lord of Misrule?

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