Living History Wax Museum Lesson Plans

I'm a historati. I love learning about times and peoples past. So it saddens me to hear people say they hate history. But I don't blame them. People usually dislike it because they weren't taught it properly. Their only contact was via boring textbooks, uninspiring paper and pencil lessons and rote memorization of facts. Nothing could be more antithesis to the way history should be learned.

History is about more than dead people long past. It's a medium for learning new ideas and processes. It's a vehicle for change. And the best way to learn is through immersion and student-directed, hands-on activities. When students should experience history through senses and actions, they begin to see the big picture. Here's a cross-curricular activity that teaches reading, writing, speaking, research, art and drama: a Living History Wax Museum. Interactive Social Studies Lesson Plans: Living History Wax Museum - Bubblews

Free Printable Marco Polo, Kublai Khan, Silk Road Lesson Plans

Marco Polo is probably the most curious and exciting of world travelers. He set out in an age when travel within a small radius alone was perilous. The medieval Polo expedition went far beyond Europe to the Mongol Empire (where we get the term Mongolian) to meet the fabled mongol leader Kublai Khan (son of Ghengis Khan).

He brought back exotic spices, jade, silk and strange beasts (elephants) to the western world. His travels ushered in the Silk Road and Spice Road trade systems. Polo wrote about his travels in "Il Milione" or "The Travels of Marco Polo." Here are free printable lesson plans on Marco Polo, Kublai Khan and the Mongol Empire. Free Printable Marco Polo, Kublai Khan, Silk Road Lesson Plans

Best Fourth of July American History Movies

America's Revolutionary War had many facets and issues. Sometimes, over-zealous patriotism blinds us the real stories behind the propaganda. Here are American history and Revolutionary War film that provide a more multidimensional view of United States history.  Watch them for 4th of July. Best American History Movies to Watch for 4th of July

Henry Ford Museum, Greenfield Village, Historic Fort Wayne--Father's Day Fun and History too!

Metro Detroit is a hoppin', happenin' and historical town. Looking for a way to celebrate Father's Day in the Motor City? Here's a "something for everyone" list for families young and old all: a trip to Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village, followed by a pilgrimage to Historic Fort Wayne rounded out with a stop-off to Southwest for a Father's Day feast, Mexican style (or visit Salvadorena Pupuseria on Bagley for El Salvadorian pupusas--our dad thought he'd died and gone to heaven when sampled them! Cheap too--under $3 each!  Father's Day festivities in Metro Detroit: Something for every dad

Free Printable May Day, Labor History, Union Organizing Lessons

Spring is both a sad and victorious time for workers. Many events occurred which shaped the labor movement. March 25, 1911 lost 146 workers in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire. April 28 is Workers Memorial Day, honoring fallen in workplace accidents or in organizing struggles. May 1 is May Day, International Worker's Day. May 4 commemorates casualties at Chicago's Haymarket riot in a 1886 labor rally. On May 19, 1920 saw the Matewan massacre of coal miners. On May 26, 1937 union organizers were beaten at Ford's River Rouge plant "Battle of the Overpass." Labor history is American (and world) history: it impacts every industry, occupation and person. Teachers and homeschoolers, why not educate students about unions with these free printable labor history lesson plans? I've listed websites, activities, worksheets, movies and books. Free Printable May Day, Labor History, Union Organizing Lesson Plans

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Latino-Inspired Games, Crafts, Food

 Cinco de Mayo--"fifth of May" in Spanish--celebrates the Mexican victory at the Battle of Pueblo. It's not the Mexican independence day though it sounds like the U.S. 4th of July. My Latino friends tell me Cinco de Mayo isn't as big in Mexico as in the U.S. And what do we Americans do with holidays? Party! Or in this case, fiesta. Here's are kid-friendly Cinco de Mayo games, crafts, lesson plans, cultural activities and food! Kid-Friendly Cinco de Mayo Fiesta With Latino-Inspired Games, Crafts, Food 

Gilgamesh, the Oldest Book in the World

It's easy for children living now, to believe that this life is all there is or was. But if we could see time as river, beginning to end, we'd see that now is a little droplet in a vast body. But there's so much more. The oldest book in the world, based on reliable dating sources, is the Epic of Gilgamesh, and retells the fabled and glorious Babylonian (maybe Assyrian I always forget which was in power) empire and one man's personal quest for truth. Kids need to be taught ancient history, to broaden their world view. Gilgamesh, the Oldest Book in the World

Epic of Gilgamesh, Ancient Venerable Text

 It's easy for children living now, to believe that this life is all there is or was. But if we could see time as river, beginning to end, we'd see that now is a little droplet in a vast body. I wish we would quit throwing crap facts and useless, narrow information at kids and get them reading the sacred and ancient texts. Here's a place to start. Gilgamesh, the Oldest Book in the World

Dr.Seuss 'Read Across America' Week Learning Center Activities

The Cat in the Hat doffs his cap on March 2, to honor the birthday of his creator Dr. Seuss's birthday. The NEA (National Education Association) celebrates 'Read Across America' on March 1- March 5. Celebrate Dr. Seuss with your students. Here are ways to get Dr. Seuss into your preschool- grade one learning centers. Dr.Seuss 'Read Across America' Week Preschool to Grade 1 Learning Center Activities: March 1-5

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, Russian History

The XXII Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi, Russia is unique in many ways. It's the first time the games have been played in that huge country since 1980. So February 7-23 is going to be an exciting time! As a teacher, mom and former homeschooler, I always look for ways to teach any world event in the classroom. Here are free printable winter Olympics lessons plans. Games, crafts, coloring pages, puzzles, sports-themed worksheets--all you need to explore. There are activities about Russia and the city of Sochi, too. Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics XXII Printables, Lessons on Russia - Yahoo Voices -

Black History Month From Rosa Parks' Bus Seat

So you think we don't need Black History Month? Then you clearly don't get American history period. The revisionists aren't the ones teaching black history, they're the ones who wrote it out in the first place. Slavery, segregation, Jim Crow stole an entire peoples' past. Black History Month can't replace that. But might help heal wounds and renew the future. It revives traditions, restores voices and reinvests in the heritage that was denied. I've always felt intense solidarity with oppressed and marginalized, particularly black American brothers and sisters. But recently, I experienced it in a new way. I sat in Rosa Parks' bus seat.  For Black History Month, Learn Jim Crow Lessons From Rosa Parks' Bus Seat

Free Printable Martin Luther King Jr Worksheets, Lessons

 Martin Luther King Jr. Day is celebrated on the third Monday in January. The great civil rights leader MLK, Jr., was born on January 15, 1929. King was shot by an assassin's bullet on April 4, 1968. Here are free printable lesson plans to help you explore this legendary hero. Use these lessons in classroom, homeschool, scout troops and social groups.
Nobel as the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Martin Luther King Jr. is featured on this website with a comprehensive bibliography of resources. I recommend that teachers use this website as a reference for instruction about MLK. Free Printable Martin Luther King Jr. Lesson Plans and Activities 

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