Andrea Riseborough airs shocking weight loss in 'Witness for the Prosecution,' 'Bloodline'

Brit beauty Andrea Riseborough may not be a household name in the US but all that's about to change in the new season of the Netflix thriller "Bloodline." Riseborough also appears in the chilling new remake of Agatha Christie's "Witness for the Prosecution." If you knew her from "The Devil's Whore" or "Oblivion" or "Nocturnal Animals," you're in for a shock. In "Witness for the Prosecution" the actress appears skeletal. There are some creepy reasons for Andrea's bizarre weight loss. Some have to do with women's health and fashion post-WWI and Roaring Twenties. Andrea Riseborough airs shocking weight loss in 'Witness for the Prosecution,' 'Bloodline'

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