Veterans Day: WWII vet Kenneth Spilman got final rest in beloved Arlington

Does it sometimes seem, reading the news, that world is going to hell in a handbag? Well here's a Veterans Day story that might change that nihilistic mindset. A World War II veteran got his last wish. And it was simple, poignant one: WWII vet Kenneth Spilman got his final wish, to rest in peace in his beloved Arlington National Cemetery. Good Morning America reported Nov. 11, that Mr. Spilman was the unofficial caretaker and wreath-layer at Arlington. Even in his late 80s, the WWII vet continued to journey to Arlington National Cemetery from his home in Reston, Virginia. Spilman believed that Arlington was the greatest place on earth. He was the "Veterans Affairs" representative for the dead. On Veterans Day, Memorial Day, whenever he could, the WWII vet would visit. Spilman tended their graves, kept them company and mourned them, especially the newbies. Mr. Spilman had a special spot in his heart for the "residents" of Section 60--the spot where the newly dead are buried. Many are mere kids fresh from Iraq and Afghanistan--just as the WWII vet was a lad in the Army motorcycle police in Europe 70 years ago.Veterans Day: WWII vet Kenneth Spilman got final rest in beloved Arlington |


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