Living History Wax Museum Lesson Plans

I'm a historati. I love learning about times and peoples past. So it saddens me to hear people say they hate history. But I don't blame them. People usually dislike it because they weren't taught it properly. Their only contact was via boring textbooks, uninspiring paper and pencil lessons and rote memorization of facts. Nothing could be more antithesis to the way history should be learned.

History is about more than dead people long past. It's a medium for learning new ideas and processes. It's a vehicle for change. And the best way to learn is through immersion and student-directed, hands-on activities. When students should experience history through senses and actions, they begin to see the big picture. Here's a cross-curricular activity that teaches reading, writing, speaking, research, art and drama: a Living History Wax Museum. Interactive Social Studies Lesson Plans: Living History Wax Museum - Bubblews

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