Vintage Text Message (in a Bottle) Surfaces Almost 100 Years Later

And now for your daily dose of feel-good. Fellow historatis, you're going to love this story I wrote for Yahoo! Growing up near one of Michigan's Great Lakes, a favorite summer pastime was sending messages via bottle. I was weaned on lake lore. My grampa Kinney took me to the beach almost every day in summer. We were the original beachcombers. My best friend and I heard of olden-days kids bottle-messaging and made our own. Grampa helped us write messages, stuff and seal our bottles. We'd toss them into Lake Michigan, wondering where they'd wash up and who would find them. Two other Michigan girls had the same idea. Their message in a bottle turned up recently in Detroit -- 97 years after it had been sent.   Vintage Text Message (in a Bottle) Surfaces Almost 100 Years Later

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